Livestock Trading Information for Calves


Meadow Quality work with a network of calf rearers to provide baby and reared calves for dairy and beef farmers across the UK.  We market over 50,000 calves a year and are able to supply stock that match requirements.

We operate two ABM approved calf collection centres located in Wiltshire and Shropshire allowing our dairy and beef farmers a secure, safe and welfare friendly way to buy and supply calves in a speedy, efficient and competitive manner.

Our Specialist Calf Team market over 50,000 hand selected baby calves a year, guiding our dairy suppliers to meet the requirements of our beef producers. We understand calves are an important source of income, and because of that our objective is to increase the value of calf crops. Our industry leading schemes are designed to add value to your calves by attracting a premium and giving a better grading profile. We provide a managed outlet for all dairy bred calves with a quick, efficient collection service by approved hauliers, saving  time and effort. In addition to buying young calves, we can market calves that have been reared and weaned. Read more..

The Meadow Quality reared calf is selected from one of our professional contract calf rearers, our reared calves are delivered direct to your farm at 4 months old, dry weaned, disbudded, vaccinated, with a level age profile that fits your beef business.  This approach means that the reared calf buyer knows what the price will be when the calves enter the rearing unit. In addition, extra requirements can be catered for; so that when the calves arrive on farm they meet with the buyer’s expectations. Read more…

Meadow Quality collects TB restricted Beef and Friesian/Holstein baby calves twice a month, providing producers with a consistent and efficient route to market whilst supplying beef producers with a sustainable beef production model. Read more…

Meadow Quality are improving the genetic potential our baby and reared calves through encouraging our dairy suppliers to use the carefully selected sires from our easy calving Superior Sire brochure. Calves sired by these bulls will spend less time on farm whilst maintain yield through improving daily liveweight gains, enhanced food conversion ratios and gaining a better conformation profile. Download Brochure.

Contact the Meadow Quality Team on 01789 734100 or email